Our campus will provide:

A Hub for Community Building

A warm place to meet, start friendships, engage volunteers and cultivate community leaders


An Oasis of Learning and Respectful Exchange

The campus will be a source to ensure that all are safe--not only phsyically--but also emotional and culturally, and welcoming of diverse viewpoints and traditions.


An Incubator for Arts and Ideas

This will build on our local Jewish community's vast contributions to the region's prominent arts and intellectual resources.


Premiere Spaces to Celebrate Meaningful Life Events

Local growth demand for meeting and event venues has outpaced supply, which is why we are providing the community with expansive space for conferences, special lectures, weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, and more!




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To learn more, please contact Hermione E. Gilpin, Chief Advancement Officer, at hgilpin@jfedsrq.org or 941-552-6305.