19 2021

People of the Book - Steve Leder - The Beauty of What Remains

7:00PM - 9:00PM  


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As the senior rabbi of one of the largest synagogues in the world, Steve Leder has learned the many ways death teaches us how to live and love more deeply by showing us not only what is gone but also the beauty of what remains. Yet even after having sat beside thousands of deathbeds, Steve Leder, the rabbi, was not fully prepared for the loss of his own father. It was only then that Steve Leder, the son, truly learned how loss makes life beautiful by giving it meaning and touching us with love that we had not felt before. Enriched by Rabbi Leder's irreverence, vulnerability and wicked sense of humor, The Beauty of What Remains—How Our Greatest Fear Becomes Our Greatest Gift is a heartfelt narrative filled with laughter and tears, the wisdom of millennia and modernity, and an unfolding of the profound and simple truth that in loss we gain more than we ever imagined.

Steve Leder is the senior rabbi of Wilshire Boulevard Temple in Los Angeles. After receiving his degree in writing and graduating cum laude from Northwestern University, and spending time studying at Trinity College, Oxford University, Leder received a master's degree in Hebrew letters in 1986 and rabbinical ordination in 1987 from Hebrew Union College.