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Just Reel Films, sponsored by Ian Black Real Estate in coordination with The Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee, is a new monthly film series that starts in January. The films will be Jewish-themed and focus on real slices of life we can all relate to. They will be shown in venues across the Sarasota-Manatee region, including libraries, churches, synagogues, and community centers.


register-buttonThe series is free, but audience members are encouraged to bring cans of food as well as new toys and school supplies, which will be donated to such community organizations as All Faiths Food Bank. Click the REGISTER button to sign up for movies, read summaries and watch trailers. PLEASE NOTE: Due to space restrictions, there is a limit of two tickets per film.



What kind of films can we expect?


Some will be biographies of great entertainers who have given us moments of joy, laughter and creative inspiration. Others are educational and will stimulate awareness of the history of the Holocaust and the emergence of the state of Israel. Others will touch how racism and prejudice impact lives and communities.



For information on this program,
please contact:

Jeremy Lisitza

Cultural Arts Manager




Learn more about the featured films

Remember Baghdad – 2016
72 minutes
Remember Baghdad is the untold story of Iraq, an unmissable insight into how the country developed through the eyes of the Jews, Iraq's first wave of refugees. From picnics on the Tigris and royal balls, to hangings, imprisonment and escape, moving individual stories take us from past to present unfolding onto the wider story of the Middle East. The consequences of the little-known Nazi influence, the self-serving monarchy imposed by the British, and of Israel are played out in their lives. After 2,600 years living peacefully in the area, in one generation the community vanishes. With vivid testimony, home movies and news archive, as well as footage from Iraq today, we follow the lives of four families trying to make sense of turbulent times, and one man goes back to buy a house in Iraq. His dream is to plant a seed of hope. Remember Baghdad is history made personal, revealing the little-known but fascinating back story of how the disintegration began in a country that has exploded into our lives today. Watch trailer.
74 minutes
A modern-day Shakespearean tale about a famous Tajik musical family, controlled by the charismatic and funny, yet overbearing patriarch, Papa Alaev, who, at the age of 80, is starting to lose his grip on the 'family business', sending them on a rigid and unsure transition from Monarchy to Democracy. Watch trailer.
Dancing in Jaffa - 2013
90 minutes
The film follows Pierre Dulaine, an internationally renowned ballroom dancer, as he returns to his birthplace, Jaffa, to fulfill his lifelong dream of teaching Jewish and Palestinian-Israeli children to dance together. The film explores the stories of four children forced to confront issues of identity, segregation and racism, as they dance with their enemies. Watch trailer.
54 minutes
Over the course of a year, a group of women in their 70s and 80s confront the intense demands of the art of dance and refuse to conform to any stereotypes about aging. They open up about their lives, rivalries and sexuality, and share an unquenchable thirst for life, art and self-expression. Watch trailer.