16 2020

Comedian Joel Chasnoff: Jokes I Can't Tell In My Act

4:30PM - 5:30PM  


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$ Cost $ 10.00

Comedian Joel Chasnoff: “Jokes I Can’t Tell In My Act”

Join us when stand-up comedian and writer Joel Chasnoff “performs” his popular online show, “Jokes I Can’t Tell In My Act.” In this performance, Joel shares his all-time favorite Jewish jokes and talks about the role of humor in our people's history, from Genesis to Seinfeld and beyond. Joel has taken the stage in 10 countries, including Montreal’s Just-For-Laughs, the Melbourne (Australia) Comedy Festival, and Israeli late-night TV. To register for this virtual event visit jfedsrq.org/events. Tickets are $10 per household. For more information, contact Trudi Krames at tkrames@jfedsrq.org or 941.706.0037.