23 2021

Rabbi Ed Feinstein, Scholar in Residence

11:00AM - 1:00PM  

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Rabbi Ed Feinstein’s main presentation (see last night’s description of this amazing scholar) will be held via Zoom. (Contact Temple Emanu-El’s office for a Zoom link.) Based on his newest book – Chutzpah Imperative! Empower- ing Today’s Jews for a Life that Matters – Rabbi Feinstein will examine the history of chutzpah.
“‘Chutzpah’ is Yiddish for nerve, au- dacity,” Rabbi Feinstein explains. “But ‘Chutzpah’ is much more. In the Talmud, ‘Chutzpah’ meant irrepressible life, moral courage.
“It is the quality that defines the Jewish people throughout our history,” he adds. “And a quality we desperately need right now.”

Sponsor: Temple Emanu-El, Arny and Dee Kaplan, the Peck Family