28 2021

Temple Sinai Men’s Club Newtown Alive with Walter L. Gilbert, III

10:00AM - 12:00PM  

Temple Sinai Men’s Club Virtual Breakfast presents: Newtown Alive with Guest Speaker: Walter L. Gilbert, III - Newtown Historian
NewtownAlive.org is funded by a grant through the Sarasota County Neighborhood’s Department. The North County Community Organization submitted a proposal January 26, 2016 and won approval. The overall initiative is part of a plan developed by the City of Sarasota to preserve the history of the African American community of Newtown, one of this town’s oldest neighborhoods. The Newtown Conservation History District (NCHD) is an idea 10 years in the making. Former Sarasota City Commissioner Fredd Atkins began discussions about the need to document Newtown’s history in 2005. The seed of an idea began budding as Atkins witnessed the redevelopment and subsequent gentrification of Sarasota’s first African American community of Overtown. Located near the heart of downtown, the African American community was rebranded as the Rosemary District. Recognizable landmarks of its history disappeared.
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Sponsor: Temple Sinai Men's Club