14 2018

Temple Sinai Social Action & Justice Committee Reviews Amendment 4

1:00PM - 2:30PM  

Temple Sinai 4631 South Lockwood Ridge Road
Enter from Proctor Road only between Beneva and Swift Roads
Sarasota, FL 34231
941-924-1802 (Phone)
941-925-2455 (Fax)

Contact Ceclie Klayton
Or Anne Schimberg, afkschimberg@gmail.com
703-472-8291 (Phone)
941-925-2455 (Fax)

Temple Sinai’s Social Action & Justice Committee will present a free program open to the community called “Second Chances and Teshuvah,” reviewing Florida’s Voting Restoration Amendment #4. This amendment would allow felons who have served time, gone through probation and returned to the workforce the right to vote. Currently Florida has a harsh policy requiring individuals, some of whom are veterans, to spend thousands for a lawyer to apply for reinstating voting rights. Join Temple Sinai congregants and members of the community in a thoughtful examination of this important topic, whether people with felony convictions who have fully completed their sentences should earn a second chance. We welcome to the speaker’s podium Rabbi Geoff Huntting and a representative of the League of Women Voters. This most informative session will help the voter learn more about a very important amendment. Contact Cecile Klayton, c.klayton@gmail.com or Anne Schimberg, afkschimberg@gmail.com.

Sponsor: Temple Sinai's Social Action & Justice Committee