3 2018

The Influence of Women in Judaism

10:30AM - 11:45AM  

Hecht School at the Jewish Federation 580 McIntosh Rd
Sarasota, FL 34232

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We have much to learn from our matriarchs and unnamed woman of the Hebrew Bible as well as from the trend of egalitarianism in contemporary Judaism.

Classes are held on the Campus of the Jewish Federation, 580 McIntosh Rd. in Sarasota. To register or seek more information, please contact Marden Paru, Dean and Rosh Yeshiva at 941-379-5655 or marden.paru@gmail.com. Please make checks payable to the Sarasota Liberal Yeshiva and mail to Marden Paru, 5445 Pamela Wood Way # 160, Sarasota, FL. 34233.

Instructor: Marden Paru: fee $60