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Journey to World Heritage Sites in Israel with Dr. Steven Derfler (z"l)

Session 5 | 06-03-2020

Israel World Heritage Sites Journey with Dr. Steven Derfler (z"l): Masada.

SESSION FOUR | 05-26-20

Israel World Heritage Sites with Dr. Steven Derfler (z"l): Bet Guvrin, Bethlehem, Nabatean Cities.

Session Three | 05-19-20

Israel World Heritage Sites with Dr. Steven Derfler (z"l) to : Mt.Carmel, Bet Shearim, Jerusalem

Session Two | 05-12-20

Journey with Dr. Steven Derfler (z"l) to Israel World Heritage Sites: Hazor, Megiddo, Beersheva.

Session One | 05-5-20

Israel World Heritage Sites with Dr. Steven Derfler (z"l) to: Acco, Haifa Bahai Shrine, Tel Aviv.



People of the Book Author Series presents Esther Amini's July 28, 2021 event recording.

Author Jack Fairweather

Author Jack Fairweather shares an intriguing look into his book and answers audience questions.

Champagne & Ivories

July 22, 2020: Gershwin to Puccini featuring Brian Gurl & Michele Pruyn.

Champagne & Ivories

Broadway to Boogie-Woogie to the Beatles features Brian Gurl and Carlann Evans. August 12, 2020

Pandemic Unleashed

Dr. Norman Weinberg began writing COMMANDMENT four years before Covid-19 pandemic struck the world.


Simone Knego shares her unique journey, outlined in her book, "The Extraordinary UnOrdinary You."

Hanukkah Magic Show

Magic and mind-reading with Magician & Mentalist Jason Silberman!

A Ritchie Boy

Author Linda Kass shares inspirations and excerpts from her book, "A Ritchie Boy."

Director Andrew Goldberg

Post-screening discussion of his film, "VIRAL: ANTI-SEMITISM IN FOUR MUTATIONS."


Federation Celebration

Enjoy this video of the 2020 Federation Celebration event.

Israeli Dance Party

Celebrate Yom Ha'Atzmaut with an Israeli Dance Party!
Music spun by DJ Nati Shabat with SRQbeats!

Chef Giuliano

Join Chef Giuliano Hazan as he prepares an Italian dinner with a Sephardic twist!



What Parents Need to Know.

How to Respond

Take notes at this virtual conversation that expounds upon how to respond to anti-Semitism.

Guest speaker: Eric Ross, Senior Associate Regional Director for the Anti-Defamation League [ADL] Fort Lauderdale

Host: Jessi Sheslow, JFSM's Director of Community Relations


Israeli Politics 101

Heller CRC's David Weiman teaches you about Israel's complex political system. Host: Jessi Sheslow.

Antisemitism Town Hall

Previously recorded on June 8, 2021.
Community leaders come together to combat antisemitism.

Shared Legacies Talk Back

Featuring Shared Legacies Director, Dr. Shari Rogers and Civil Rights Activist Clarence B. Jones.

Tables Turned on Them

Michael J. Greenberg discusses his book, "Tables Turned On Them: Jews Guarding Nazi POWs in the US"

Generational Zionism

Intergenerational Conversations about Zionism featuring Carly Pildis

Security Town Hall

Learn about how we are keeping SRQ safe with Community Security Director Jeff Solomon.

2021 Community Lecture

Eli Beer joined us LIVE from Israel to discuss his experience as both first responder and patient.

Post-COVID19 Parenting

Worried about Tik Tok, Snapchat, cyberbullying, sexting and more? Teach kids to use tech safely.