For young Jewish adults who wish to continue to grow and/or find their Jewish heritage and spirit, we offer the resources provided below. Click the tabs to be directed to each program's website to find out more.


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Birthright Israel seeks to ensure the future of the Jewish people by strengthening Jewish identity, Jewish communities, and connection with Israel via a trip to Israel for young Jewish adults age 18-32. The Birthright Israel program encourages alumni to take active roles in Jewish organizations and to participate in follow-up activities worldwide.

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Hillel’s dedicated student leaders, professionals and volunteers have encouraged generations of young adults to celebrate Jewish learning, living and ideals, while connecting to their peers. Gulf Coast Hillel is Southwest Florida’s Hillel branch, serving students on the following campuses: New College of Florida, Ringling College of Art + Design, University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee.

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Masa Israel Journey offers  immersive international experiences in Israel for young adults ages 18-30 that empower participants to develop as individuals, while also developing a robust global professional network that includes Israelis and Jews from around the world. Their 2- to 12-month programs include volunteer, internship, undergraduate/graduate, gap year programs and more.

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Onward Israel offers exciting, immersive, resume-building experiences in Israel for young adults in the form of internships, academic courses, and fellowships. Onward Israel offers a competitive and attractive venue for young people seeking such experiences at affordable prices, and for time periods ranging from six to ten weeks.

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